Cross-Sections of 3D Cell Model

Sticky Elemental Snow

One of my favorite ongoing projects at GalaxyGoo. It's satisfying for me, as both an intellectual exercise and artistic activity. With my understanding of the cell (yes, I remember all that stuff from bio classes), I construct a 3D model with colorful clay. Organelle by organelle, starting with the nucleus and building out to the cell membrane.

Once the model dries completely, I slice it into cross-sections.

This particular image is of a very simple model. i was experimenting with a new type of clay, and it's not accurate with regard to organelles. But the color patterns turned out great!

Where's the Code?

Absolutely no code involved in this. Just good old getting-hands-dirty-with-clay fun! Completely tactile play.


Some cross sections of different cell models

cell messy cross sectioncell with yellow cytoplasmcell with organge cytoplasm